Zoltan Kaszas

Thu, Apr 28, 2022
Fri, Apr 29, 2022
Sat, Apr 30, 2022

Zoltan Kaszas

with Erik Escobar and Erin Patrick

"Is that your real name?" is a question Zoltan Kaszas has heard since he and his mother moved to the US from Hungary in 1991. Eventually settling in San Diego, California, Zoltan stumbled into the world of stand-up comedy at the age of nineteen where he developed a unique storytelling style that has allowed him to travel across the country and some of the world. His comedy has been featured on television (Laughs on FOX and Punchline) on radio (SiriusXM) in print (The Atlantic) and has won him multiple comedy competitions including The Seattle International Comedy Competition, The San Diego Comedy Festival and in the summer 2017 he took his show American Immigrant to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Zoltan’s latest comedy album entitled “Uncle McFatfat” is available on iTunes along with his weekly podcast This Week In Zoltan which should aid his continuing campaign to end the question "Is that your real name?"

Erik Escobar

Described as “hilariously clever” by audiences and “demented” by his fourth grade teacher, Erik Escobar had performed all over the nation headlining clubs, colleges, and theatres both independently and working with acts such as Jerry Seinfeld and WWE’s Rob Van Dam. His credits include NBC’s Last Comic Standing, BuzzFeed, Hulu, and Lucha Underground. He is currently the host of That Sarap and is a contributing writer for Chubstr. Erik resides in Los Angeles, CA with his shihtzu, Rancor.

Erin Patrick

Erin Patrick is a clean comic from Baltimore, MD. He hosts his own comedy show called One More Dad Joke and is a regular performer at the Lou Costello Room in Baltimore, MD. He has performed on ABC’s Baltimore Loves Talent, the New York Underground Comedy Festival, and the Ellicott Silly Comedy Festival. When he is not spending time with his family he is usually on stage telling hilarious stories about them. Inevitably he ends up making fun of himself more than anything else and always brings a lot of energy to the stage.